The Antidote to Lockdown - Positivity!

It’s in the Orphans DNA to think positively and creatively. Priority one is staying healthy. Next, on an individual as well as business level, we have more of the once precious commodity of time, so let’s make the best of this period of unwelcome business interruption.

Orphans - force of nature

We've had it mind for years, particularly on sunny days, but summer 2018 marks the great switch on of ... our roof! Solar panels were not in our minds when we were building new Orphans Press way back in 2007. Shame really, but it took a few years before we really took note of our very south facing expanse of roof.

Where do Christmas Cards come from, Daddy?

One little boy, Dylan, has found out! Lucky for him mummy and daddy (Becca and Simon) just happen to be very good photographers and handy with artwork. So they've helped Dylan's school, Shobdon School, produce a lovely Christmas Card. featuring his fabulous snowman on the front - looks like Dylan has inherited the creative genes.

Honouring a Quaker Heroine

Celebrating the life of 19th Quaker social reformer Elizabeth Fry at the National Memorial Arboretum.

Mud, Glorious Mud!

We recently took part in the Eastnor Castle Mud Run to raise money for local charity Megan Baker House. Thank you so much to everyone who sponsored us - we did it!

Social responsibility

The notion of corporate social responsibility was probably not uppermost in the mind of Henry Stanley Newman when, in 1873, he saw the benefits of providing the orphans in his care with a printing press. In these early days Orphans Press didn't need to look beyond its own front door for worthy candidates to support.

Green credentials

We are very conscious of doing what we can to be as environmentally friendly as possible and are committed to reducing our carbon footprint. 

Orphans on film

We are all for marketing initiatives promoting Herefordshire. We did have to think twice when it came to the notion of appearing on film though - we're quite a bashful bunch really. We finally overcame our trepidation and now we see the quality of the 'Behind the Door in Herefordshire' video (below) we are glad we did.

The origins of Orphans Press

A well-renowned Quaker, Henry Stanley Newman, opened the Leominster Orphan Home on the 20th August 1869. Children from mainly industrialised areas of the UK found their way to the Home and the prospect of a new life in a rural area.

Kenya orphanage visit 2013

This was not your average half term holiday.

Leominster's marquee- fit for a prince

Memories of Diamond Day, July 11th 2012 When Leominster was invited to showcase it's wares to the Royal Family there was only one thing to do ... call for Helen! And so it came to pass that a willing group of volunteers gave of their all to ensure Prince Philip left with an abiding impression.