Impact Print Name Change

Since Orphans acquired Impact Print in June 2019 the two businesses have been working ever closer. So we are now taking this collaboration to a natural conclusion which we feel will work well for all our customers; with immediate effect we are saying a fond farewell to the Impact name and welcoming a bright new future under Orphans branding.

Orphans - force of nature

We've had it mind for years, particularly on sunny days, but summer 2018 marks the great switch on of ... our roof! Solar panels were not in our minds when we were building new Orphans Press way back in 2007. Shame really, but it took a few years before we really took note of our very south facing expanse of roof.

Where do Christmas Cards come from, Daddy?

One little boy, Dylan, has found out! Lucky for him mummy and daddy (Becca and Simon) just happen to be very good photographers and handy with artwork. So they've helped Dylan's school, Shobdon School, produce a lovely Christmas Card. featuring his fabulous snowman on the front - looks like Dylan has inherited the creative genes.

The story of the Beatles as you’ve never seen it before

Journey through the Beatles years – from the band’s first ever gig at the Cavern Club to the release of their final album Let It Be – in a visual exploration of their evolution from four young men to one of the greatest bands the world has ever seen.


Every year Orphans produce a calendar. Sometimes it is ready in time for the New Year! In recent years it has built quite a following with our customers, many of whom anticipate it's arrival and are eager to see if it is a notch up on previous years. So here at Orphans we've realised that the pressure is back on us. We can't just serve up 12 landscapes of Herefordshire scenery.

Green credentials

We are very conscious of doing what we can to be as environmentally friendly as possible and are committed to reducing our carbon footprint. 

Orphans on film

We are all for marketing initiatives promoting Herefordshire. We did have to think twice when it came to the notion of appearing on film though - we're quite a bashful bunch really. We finally overcame our trepidation and now we see the quality of the 'Behind the Door in Herefordshire' video (below) we are glad we did.

Mailmark accreditation for Orphans

A good number of our customers like us to mail out what we print for them. As much as anything it avoids the need to ship on to a mailing house. So over the years we have developed our service, from the purchase of automated envelope inserting machines and polywrap lines to address printers and software designed to maximise Royal Mail discounts for larger mailings.

Vibrant 7 colour printing with our indigo

4 colour (CMYK) printing on the Indigo is superb and the liquid inks (as opposed to toner) produce an unrivalled litho-like quality. Can it get better? Well, actually, yes! Our Indigo has facility for 3 extra colours which with a little creative imagination can make all the difference to your job.

Elan Exhibition - pulling it all together

The Elan Valley visitor centre had been missing a cornerstone of any popular attraction ... an Exhibition! It was nice then for us to be asked to put together the new exhibition, 'This is Elan'. This was a true team effort. Ruth Lloyd produced great content, researching the incredible history of the Elan Valley, not least the building of the dams and  the diversity of nature and wildlife.

Print or online mail? Try both!

In an always-connected electronic world there remains a lot of value in high quality, well timed printed mailings.

Leominster's marquee- fit for a prince

Memories of Diamond Day, July 11th 2012 When Leominster was invited to showcase it's wares to the Royal Family there was only one thing to do ... call for Helen! And so it came to pass that a willing group of volunteers gave of their all to ensure Prince Philip left with an abiding impression. 

Our first book launch

At the time of writing this article we don't know whether our inaugeral title as book publishers, 'While it is Yet Day', has been an extraordinary sales success ... or not! What we do know is that together with author Averil Opperman we couldn't have done much more to announce it's arrival.

Recycled paper stock

Here at Orphans we have access to a wide variety of paper stocks. If you are looking for something specific for your next print job then the chances are we can source the perfect material. 

Let's Get Personal

If you recognise that your customers are different you may see the potential to mail them something which reflects what makes them so different. The Indigo is capable of linking with your database and varying the content of every sheet. At the simplest or most common level it can be addresses from your spreadsheet so the mailing item is ready for the post.