Let's Get Personal

If you recognise that your customers are different you may see the potential to mail them something which reflects what makes them so different. The Indigo is capable of linking with your database and varying the content of every sheet. At the simplest or most common level it can be addresses from your spreadsheet so the mailing item is ready for the post. But you can also think about more image based personalisation where your offer, for example, varies between customer groups. So customers you know like a drop of wine receive a wine based offer; and those who buy the occcasional bunch of flowers receive a floral offer. This type of personalision requires a database (or spreadsheet) with one or more columns with the name (or number) or the appropriate image. All the images are in a separate folder but our software then overlays the appropriate personalisation on your base artwork, both text and imagery. 

If you are feeling a little more creative and entertaining you could show your customers name written in sand, or in the condensation on a glass of lager, in the clouds or on the hide of a cow! We've got the images so if you've got the customers please let us know!

There's a balance to be struck with personalisation. Get it right and the customer is pleased to receive an offer which is just down their street; trying to be over-chummy or just too clever is just as likely to alienate.

However you use personalisation if it is printed on the Indigo at Orphans your customers will not be criticising the quality of your printing!

If you would like to discuss any aspect of personalisation or variable data printing please contact