Recycled paper stock

Here at Orphans we have access to a wide variety of paper stocks. If you are looking for something specific for your next print job then the chances are we can source the perfect material. 

Our client Edward Bulmer are renowned interior designers and produce premium quality natural paints with very strong eco-friendly credentials. In reviewing options for new business stationery it was important that the paper stock for their letterheads and compliment slips reflect this core platform of the brand. Together we looked at the many paper options available before settling on a 100% recycled stock, Cocoon Preprint, a high quality, 100% recycled, uncoated preprint laser paper with excellent whiteness (CIE 150), an ultra smooth surface, consistent finish and good printability. This was a good visual way for Edward Bulmer to uphold their brand values and demonstrate their commitment to the environment.

Here is the finished stationery:

The benefits of recycled paper

Recycled paper is the greenest option of paper communication.

  • Manufacturing recycled paper produces less CO2 and Greenhouse gases
  • It uses less energy to make recycled paper which saves our fossil fuels
  • It avoids landfill 
  • Recycled paper uses less transport
  • Water is a primary resource in the paper manufacturing process. Using recycled paper uses less water
  • Each time paper is recycled, environmental savings are made as it takes less energy to produce paper from waste paper than it does from wood
  • Less chemicals are used to manufacture recycled paper and usually the chemicals used are environmentally friendly


Green credentials

We are very conscious of doing what we can to be as environmentally friendly as possible and are committed to reducing our carbon footprint.