Vibrant 7 colour printing with our indigo

4 colour (CMYK) printing on the Indigo is superb and the liquid inks (as opposed to toner) produce an unrivalled litho-like quality. Can it get better? Well, actually, yes! Our Indigo has facility for 3 extra colours which with a little creative imagination can make all the difference to your job. To appreciate the possiblities it's interesting to consider the colour gamut you can reach with standard CMYK - it's pretty broad but not as wide as RGB which is worth remembering when you are admiring your work on your monitor. There's an interesting read here if you would like to reflect on the science behind colour. With the extra 3 colour units on the Indigo we can extend your reach. For example;

CMYK + Orange and Violet

These 2 colours extend the colour gamut to allow us to reach c97% of all pantone and will add vibrancy and brighter colours. Great for images of nature or foods for example. And of course if you want your leaflet or poster to really stand out orange and violet are pretty eyecatching in their own right.


These 2 extra colours can be activated to produce the finest colour reproduction, not least photobooks produced by professional photographers. They help create stunning skin tones and skies which the discerning eye will recognise as adding important detail.


Many or most pantones can be accurately matched by the Indigo using process colours. But if your design or brand has a distinctive, strong colour or you want to ensure solid colour for crisp fine text we can order specific pantones from HP. We can keep this to hand for ongoing work so we can make sure all jobs, litho or Indigo, hit the precise colour mark.

Got you thinking? We'd love to hear from you and share thoughts on making the most of Indigo colour possibilities.