Digital Marketing Round Up

Digital Marketing Round Up

Google My Business Descriptions are back!

Recently, Google My Business brought back the business description field which has pleased those working in the local search industry. We’ve highlighted a few things you should know and consider to make the most out of this field:

  • It’s visibility is poor with being placed below the knowledge panel so if there are messages you need to get in front of customers, use Google Posts
  • Businesses that have editorial summaries can still add descriptions to their profile. Editorial summaries aren’t on all business profiles as this are manually written by Google on popular website and cannot be altered
  • They do not show on Google maps or within the Google Maps App, they only appear when the knowledge panel is visible

It’s an update worth sharing but we’ll let you determine how much time you invest in writing the description for your business.

Facebook launches an Analytics App for iOS and Android

Facebook has launched an analytics app for measuring the performance of business pages. It’s their first Analytics app and you can now download the app on iOS and Android which will allow you to manage and review your business page performance on your favoured mobile device.

Within the app, you can monitor engagement, growth and conversions. You also have the flexibility to set up alerts to receive a notification should a significant change occur. Other benefits of the Analytics app include:

  • Create a personalised overview tab with the metrics you deem to be most important
  • Saved desktop reports can be created on your dashboard
  • Review automated insights relevant to your business
  • Notifications about anomalies within your data
Download the app on iOS or Android or simply access Facebook Analytics with the same credentials you would use to login into Facebook.
Twitter releases events calendar to help you develop social media strategy

Whilst it’s hard to believe we’re already in May, it’s even harder to imagine that some of our customers will soon start to think of their christmas marketing strategy. We thought we would help you plan the rest of your social content for 2018 by sharing Twitter’s major events calendar which covers all major dates to be aware of whilst giving you an insight of relevant tweet volume and showing when the audience is most engaged.

Take a look at what’s happening in May by clicking here.

Old AdWords interface to be phased out by the end of the year

Users of AdWords will soon be notified that the final switch to the new AdWords platform is coming! With the old interface to be phased out by year end.

The new AdWords interface was rolled out last year and most users, including myself have been toggling back and forth between the two experiences. As we gear up to get ready to use the new interface permanently, here are some points to highlight:

  • All reports, filters and automated rules will be moved over automatically
  • Remarketing lists for search Ads and Google Analytics columns are now available
  • Update to the keyword planner
  • Integrated user feedback by making it quicker to find features (so they say), use of intuitive icons and hide or unhide paused items

You can expect the switch over to happen by the end of October.

Orphans Becomes Google Partner
Orphans Becomes Google Partner

We’re excited to announce that we have become an Official Google Partner!

Google’s Responsive Search Ads
Google's Responsive Text Ads

This month, Google will start rolling out it’s responsive search ads to more accounts in the UK amongst other markets in Europe. 

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