Google’s Responsive Search Ads

Google's Responsive Text Ads
This month, Google will start rolling out it’s responsive search ads to more accounts in the UK amongst other markets in Europe. 

This means you get an extra headline! And you get a longer description too!

Responsive text ads allow you to display 3 headlines and 2 descriptions of 90 characters each. Where as previously, you were limited to 80 characters within your description.
Google uses machine learning to determine which combination of headlines and descriptions to show to a user. This is an extremely useful tool to advertisers and allows you to enter up to 15 headlines and up to 4 descriptions.
With Google encouraging advertisers to add up to 5 ads within their ad groups for more than a year, this change is aimed at lightening the workload for advertisers whilst also providing Google’s systems more control and flexibility to optimize ad combinations in real time. 
Do you manage AdWords in house and struggle with the new platform? Don’t hesitate to get in touch and we can show you around the new platform.
Orphans Becomes Google Partner
Orphans Becomes Google Partner

We’re excited to announce that we have become an Official Google Partner!

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